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>Hi All:
>First: would someone be so kind as to post the latest TSS elements here.  I
>usually have a hard time finding such stuff one the web.  Thanks.

To Tim and the rest of the list:
(A somewhat off topic message)

        I mentioned a few days ago on this list that DR TS Kelso was
shutting down his Celestial BBS (dial-in) for good this week after over 13
years of service. But having said that, TS was trying to keep the free
service of providing TLE sets going by posting the elements at a commerical
web site. He had even moved to the new web site on 29 February, but his
provider had a limit to the amount of info that could be transmitted
everyday without incurring additional cost on his part. Over a period of
time TS gets a lot of hits to his free service, which translates to a lot of
bytes downloaded.
        TS called me on Friday and asked if we could help? I'm a sucker for
a sob story (just kidding folks), and as of today (March 11, 1996) we are
hosting the Celestial BBS via the world wide web here on the Grove server.
Since TS provides a free service to the entire satellite community, we are
not charging him, his service from us is entirely free. TS has been doing
this for well over 13 years now and you won't find better information
anywhere unless you go the GSFC OIG telnet route. 
        If you need TLK's, stop by his new URL:

        If you don't see what you want or need, drop TS email at: and if it is unclassified, he can get the TLE you need.
        Please pass this information on and give it wide distribution so
that our other satellite hobbyist colleagues know exactly where the
Celestial BBS new home is. Your help is sincerely appreciated.

Best Regards to all,

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