New version of TLEMOP

Kulbinder Kalirai (
Mon, 11 Mar 1996 11:40:05 -0500

I have recently finished working on some enhancements to my TLEMOP
program. This program makes handling TLE files from the 'net as easy as
finding MIR on a magnitude -2.0 pass. 

I hope no one minds that I posted this message here, but I have lost count
to the number of people who emailed me let me know they liked TLEMOP,
so I figure this way I will probably get to most of you.

The new version is available on Dave Ransom's most excellent RPV BBS
with file name TLEMOP1Y.ZIP and also at the great Anonymous FTP
Server of the Department of Physics, University of Oxford, UK (many
thanks to Neil Clifford), host name in file

Thanks everyone for your ideas and comments on TLEMOP, I really do
appreciate them. Keep them coming.