Welcome to Theo Vermeesch

Bram Dorreman (a183231@nlevdpsb.snads.philips.nl)
Mon, 11 Mar 1996 20:40:13 -0100

A brief welcome to Theo Vermeesch, who introduced himself some days ago.
I know him and his wife since about 1964. In fact they introduced me in the
Dutch group of satellite observers. We met each other frequently until 1971
when I moved to Belgium. Moreover we lived at a too large distance to
continue a frequent visiting.
These two people are observers of the early space years and observed many
satellites most of us have never seen as they do not exist any more.
I hope to learn from them often. They will probably join the BWGS.
 Vriendelijke groeten/Kind regards, Bram Dorreman
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