Page address change! READ!!!!!!

Josh R. Williams (
Mon, 11 Mar 1996 19:45:10 -0500 (EST)



I am mailing all people who ever hit my page and possibly even more! This 
is a notification of address change!!! The J.R.W. Satellite Page is now 
moved to a new server! The change is below:


Current: (please goto this one)

PLEASE update your pointers and your bookmarks! There will be a change of 
address message on the OLD server for a few weeks but it will be removed 
and you will be on your own...!!! If you have ANY questions at all please 
E-Mail me ASAP....

I apologize for be **off-topic** the two ListServers that I sent to and 
this will be my last Page message for a long time! Also I apologize to 
anyone I may have sent dupes to, I know I did it but It is almost 
impossible for me to know who I sent to and who I didn't. Thanks so much 
for reading this far... :)

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