SoCal tether pass - Tues. a

Rob Matson (
11 Mar 1996 17:13:27 U

                      Subject:                              Time:  16:53
  OFFICE MEMO         SoCal tether pass - Tues. am          Date:  96/03/11

For anyone who knows anyone in the southern California area, let them know
that there are good TSS/tether viewing opportunities tomorrow (Tuesday 3/12)
morning and Wednesday morning.  Tomorrow's is particularly good for amateurs
because Jupiter can be used as a reference.  I show TSS coming out of shadow
at 4:26:50am PST on Tuesday morning 3/12, approximately 20 degrees above the
southeast horizon.  At 4:27 it will pass directly under Jupiter (and right
OVER Jupiter as seen from some locations).  I've had friends who failed to see
the tether only because they weren't looking in the right place at the right
time.  For this particular pass, that problem is thwarted.  If skies are
clear, and they can find Jupiter, then the tether is a snap (whoops, no pun
intended) <g>.  Note that these times may be off by a few minutes due to drag
uncertainty, but the trajectory remains pretty much the same.