My Mistake

Josh R. Williams (
Tue, 12 Mar 1996 15:15:50 -0500 (EST)


>You can try Kilroy, I believe it is "" or you
>can access it from my home page (which is easier) on the other Comm
>pages... *Waits to be smacked by Bart for the promotion*.. There you will

I believe this has been taken the wrong way by a few on the list. It was 
not my intention to convey the idea the Bart De Pontieu is censoring the 
list, HE IS NOT... That was just my way of saying "I know the page 
advertisments are off-topic" and that I don't need a barrage of letters 
from various members telling me that my statement is off-topic. There was 
no disrespect meant by the statement. I realize now that the way it is 
written that it looks like I am being a smart-a**. I am sorry for any 
problems it caused, and I wish everyone good observing...

Cosmos 1933 is looking good now, I saw it last night along with 3 
metorites, it was about mag 5-6.... Try it out!

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