Philip Chien (
Tue, 12 Mar 1996 17:45:20 -0400

Doug Coverdale said:

>WAAAAA!.......I'm reading all of these postings about TSS sightings and here
>I sit @ 40 degN lat. with nothing to look at.
>Have pity on all of us above and below the inclination plane.

I've got no pity on those who are 'latitude challenged'.  There are many
sunsynchronous objects which can only be viewed from higher latitudes, so
every location has its own advantages and disadvantages.

But the only reason you haven't seen TSS is that you haven't gone to enough
real effort to try.  Just because your at 40 degrees North doesn't mean you
don't have anything to look at - it just makes it more difficult.  But not

Yesterday (March 11th) was a perfect visible pass for much of the Northeast
- if you wanted to go to the effort.

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