TSS Observation from N. Florida MAR/13/96

Stephen Thompson (SThompson@esiusa.com)
Wed, 13 Mar 96 09:48:00 PST

Nice pass of TSS through high clouds this morning. A close look at emergence 
from shadow without binoculars reveals that for several seconds the top is 
brighter than the bottom, but you cannot see the brightness gradient move, 
the whole thing just gets brighter until it's uniformly lit.  I suspect this 
is a visual response and video may show it differently. Through 20x70 
binocs, as the tether approached it appeared that the bottom 1/3 was 
trailing slightly.  As it neared culmination at 35 degrees, it looked very 
straight but the bottom 1/20 with the bright spot looked like it led 
slightly.  With very few visual cues and constantly changing perspective it 
is difficult to be sure how any curvature is actually oriented.