Request for TSS Observations

Maley, Paul D. (
Wed, 13 Mar 1996 11:34:23 -0600

I would like to ask that any SEESAT observers who have made or who can make 
observations (prior to the decay of 23805) of the apparent visual magnitude 
of the TSS tether please report the following directly to me at:
Especially useful are observations made in the first two weeks after 
deployment. Data needed are all of the following:

 -date, GMT, apparent visual magnitude, elevation, azimuth, slant range (e.g. 
in km or st. mi.), phase angle

Magnitude estimates of only the tether are requested (not the satellite). Do 
not include report of tether length or any other details. Use known 
comparison stars and the eye. Guesses, memories,  or observations not based 
on specific comparisons in real-time are not useful. When reporting phase 
angle indicate the name of the computer program generating it or how the 
angle is calculated (e.g. sun-satellite-observer).

Many of the reports on the net have failed to include specifics. By paying 
attention to detail in your observing log you can provide useful data not 
only for this type of effort, but also for other studies undertaken by 
SEESAT-L researchers.

Thanks for your help.

Paul Maley