Satellite Identification - March 12.

Larry Klaes (
Wed, 13 Mar 1996 14:07:09 -0500 (EST)

I was showing the sky to my astronomy class last night when a satellite
happened to come into view.  I am curious to know what it is, if
possible.  I don't have the fancy equipment that members of this
list have to track and ID sats, so I will give you the data I can:

Location - Concord, MA
Date - March 12
Time - About 8 pm ET (this is only a few minutes off, so it is not a
       rough estimate)
Path - South to north, between Taurus and Orion.  Passed close by Polaris
       before disappearing into Earth's shadow.
Appearance - Mag. 2 roughly, though the light pollution may have made it
             appear dimmer than actual.  May have had a redish-yellow
             tinge to it.  No flashing as far as I could tell.
Duration - Less than 2 minutes.

My class and I would be most interested in finding out what this 
satellite was.  Our guess is a reconaissance sat due to the polar
orbit.  It was a nice bonus to our star observations.


Larry Klaes