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Josh R. Williams (jrwsat@gatecoms.gatecom.com)
Wed, 13 Mar 1996 14:55:04 -0500 (EST)

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Date: Wed, 13 Mar 1996 08:47:05 -0500
From: Richard W. Kephart <rwk@pcdoh.pgh.wec.com>
To: jrwsat@gatecoms.gatecom.com
Subject: Quicksat


I am having a problem with quicksat and I was hoping you may be able to help. I downloaded the grouptle file from your sat page and I get good predictions (using quicksat) for all but MIR. However, I also got a Ted Molczan file from the 'KILROY' site and I get NO prediction from this VERY comprehensive file.

Quick sat says "ele not found". Could this Be right for such a monster file? I am still a novice observer and I am sure I'm doing somthing stupid. PLease HELP!!!!

I observed a very bright sat (est. mag +1) traveling North @ app. 60-70 Deg alt.
at 8:15PM March 12. I,m trying to pin point it. So far Cosmos 1933 or 923 are possible. However the predicted magnitudes  do not seem quite right. 1933 seems the better choice because it petered out about half way across the sky.

If you could offer any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank You

Rick Kephart

Lat +40  30'
W. Long  79 40'

P.S. Great Sat page !!!