Re: Satellite Identification - March 12.

Wed, 13 Mar 1996 23:04:07 -0500 (EST)

On Wed, 13 Mar 1996, Larry Klaes wrote:
> possible.  I don't have the fancy equipment that members of this
> list have to track and ID sats, so I will give you the data I can:

You really don't need any fancy equipment to do what you want. Since 
you're using a pc to access this list, you already have what you need.  
Use a  prediction program like QUICKSAT.  Get satellite elements, 
available from several sources.  Use the program to see what was in the area.
That's it.  It is also a very good learning experience for students.

> > Location - 
Concord, MA > Date - March 12

All prediction programs need lat and long  to make predictions.  That 
should be supplied with observations.

> Path - South to north, between Taurus and Orion.  Passed close by Polaris

Was it E or W?  How many degrees high?

> Appearance - Mag. 2 roughly, though the light pollution may have made it
>              appear dimmer than actual.  May have had a redish-yellow

If it matches a mag 2 star, then that is the sat mag also.  Lights affect 
the brightness of a star just as much as the star.

> My class and I would be 
most interested in finding out what 
this > satellite was.  Our guess is a reconaissance sat due to the polar
> orbit.  It was a nice bonus to our star observations.

There are other types of sats, such as weather sats, in polar orbit.

Furnish some more info.  I'm sure we can id your UFO.

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