RE: MIR configuration?

jeff hunt (
Thu, 14 Mar 96 07:27:30 EST

Steve Miller asked about the Mir Complex configuration.

To the best of my knowledge the *present* Mir configuration using X,Y,Z 
coordinates is:

X axis:
+X  TM-23 (normally occupied by Progress vessel due in April 1)
next, Kvant
next, Mir
next, docking node, empty (normally occupied by Soyuz vessel, before arrival 
of M-31 in April)

Z axis: same plane as X axis
+Z docking node empty, but will be occupied by Priroda module in late April
next, Kristal on the -Z axis
next, Docking module delivered by Atlantis on the end of -Z

Y axis:
+Y Kvant2 with Air Lock
next, docking node
next, -Y with Spektr module

All references to the 'docking node' is the same docking node connected to 
Mir on the +X axis

You can get a better description (with graphics), along with later 
configuration,  on
There is a link to the Mir description.

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