Tether for L.A. Friday a.m.

Rob Matson (Rob_Matson@cpqm.saic.com)
14 Mar 1996 09:36:37 U

                      Subject:                              Time:  09:10
  OFFICE MEMO         Tether for L.A. Friday a.m.           Date:  96/03/14

Southern California's Friday morning (3/15) pass of the (un)tether will be a
bit of a challenge at only 12 degrees ATH.  TSS emerges from shadow and is
fully illuminated by the time it passes 1-deg below delta-Lup (mag 3.4) at
5:00:47am PST.  7 seconds later it passes 1.5-deg below tau-Lup (m 3.4).  TSS
is due south at 5:01:27, 11.5 deg above the horizon.  At 5:01:32 is will pass
2.5 deg below zeta-Sco (m 3.8), and at 5:01:41 it will be 11-deg above the
horizon and 2-deg below eta-Sco (m 3.4).  The last decent stellar reference is
at 5:01:55 when TSS passes 2-deg below theta-Sco (2.0) when the satellite is
10-deg above the horizon.  These predictions are based on SGP4 propagation of
the following two-line elements:

1 23805U 96012B   96075.01926523  .01315026  70094-4  00000-0 0 90634
2 23805  28.4694 131.6918 0039145  33.1732 327.0693 15.88232474  3347

This morning's (3/14) pass was within 20 seconds of being on-time.  Yes, for
once, the clouds cleared in SoCal.  I could still make out the brighter TSS
"pinhead" in my 8 x 56's, and the bottom quarter to bottom fifth of the tether
was very slightly bent in the wake direction.  Saw no bright spot on the
low-end of the tether -- it appeared uniform along its length.  I estimate mag
3.5 at the earliest (i.e. brightest) part of the pass.  Clear skies and good
hunting tomorrow!  --Rob