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Rob Matson (
14 Mar 1996 09:52:10 U

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  OFFICE MEMO         Satellite identified                  Date:  96/03/14

RE: Larry Klaes's mystery satellite

Based on the color description and brightness, I'd have had a 50-50 chance of
guessing correctly.  Still, it's good to be thorough.  The satellite Larry
observed on March 12th around 8pm was indeed Lacrosse 1.  Based on the latest
elements in N2L-NEW (epoch 2/18), Lacrosse 1 came about 9 minutes early.  It
did make a close pass by Polaris, a degree or so to the right of the star
depending on the drag term one uses, and entered the earth's shadow shortly
thereafter.  I question whether the satellite actually passed between Taurus
and Orion.  Looks like it passed just to the right of Taurus, not to the left.
 Had it passed between Taurus and Orion, it could not have been that close to
Polaris.  Also, I wouldn't say that the trajectory was S-->N; more SW to NNE. 
Lacrosse is not in a polar orbit.  Still, congrats on observing one of the
more interesting satellites in orbit!  --Rob