TSS time correction/L.A. Fr

Rob Matson (Rob_Matson@cpqm.saic.com)
14 Mar 1996 13:11:10 U

A thank you to Mike McCants for pointing out that the element set I used for
my prior posting of L.A.'s Friday morning tether pass had a BSTAR value of
0.0.  Not good when using SGP4 or HANDE to propagate!  The pass (and all its
landmarks) will be 56 seconds earlier than in the earlier posting:

4:59:49am PST  transition from umbra to penumbra
4:59:52  1 deg below delta-Lup (m 3.4)
4:59:57  transition from penumbra to fully sunlit (@ TSS!)
4:59:59  1.5 deg below tau-Lup (m 3.0)
5:00:31  11.5 deg above due south
5:00:36  2.5 deg below zeta-Sco (m 3.8)
5:00:45  2 deg below eta-Sco (m 3.4)
5:00:59  2 deg below theta-Sco (m 2.0)