How good ARE TSS predictions from now on?

Bill Moore (
Thu, 14 Mar 1996 16:46:04 -0500

I'd like to pose the question:  with such a large extended object like 
TSS, just how good (and for how long) are predictions made from elsets 
using SGP4-based programs?  I had a great overhead pass Monday (3/11), 
but have no luck in spotting the tether ever since.  Now granted, the 
passes here on Florida's space coast have not been great since then, but 
I've had no luck in spotting the darn thing since.  I'm just wondering 
what experience SeeSat members have had in how accurate their 
predictions have been (e.g., +/- minutes of actual to predicted) in 
spotting the TSS.  

Perhaps my observing *technique* is not superb enough for these 
marginal, low elevation passes!

I'm really thrilled to have seen TSS a couple of times, and thank you to 
all SeeSat members for reporting their observations and letting 
everybody else share the thrill of your individual experiences!
 Bill Moore      
 Melbourne, FL