USENET newsgroup issue

Bill Welker (
Fri, 15 Mar 1996 12:34:31 -0700 (MST)

Now I have to re-enter the fray:
Someone said:

>Alternative 2a: Moderated Usenet and Unmoderated SeeSat.  A 
>Usenet group is created and SeeSat continues as-is.  A one-way
>gateway will be set up to mirror SeeSat to Usenet.  Usenet will
>not be mirrored to SeeSat. 

To which I must emphatically say NO!  I would not want my posts to SeeSat 
being mirrored on USENET!  The relatve privacy of SeeSat is one of the 
nice features of SeeSat being a mailing list.  I have never had good luck 
posting to USENET newsgroups, I seem to be flame bait.  Thus, I post very 
rarely to a newsgroup.  When I post (also rarely) to SeeSat, at least I 
KNOW the readers are getting SeeSat intentionally and actually have an 
interest in satellites and are unlikely to flame me.  If SeeSat is 
mirrored on USENET, I will never post. period.

Also, someone said:

>>Name-Alternative 1:
>If however, a group IS formed, this name would be more appropriate than
>However, since this is for people unfamiliar with us, I propose that...
>  Name-Alternative 3:
>would be even more descriptive. ^^^^^^^
> But won't people see what 'sats' mean if it's in the 
>''hierarchy ?

No.  SCI.SPACE.ASTRO is clearly ASTRONOMY but it doesn't keep the 
ASTROLOGY nuts off the group.  Yes, I realize you are talking about a 
moderated group, but I'm not sure you realize the Pandora's Box your 
moderator is getting himself (themselves) into.

I suspect also, that any newsgroup with "satellite" in it is going to 
draw the DBS and TVRO crowd.  

Let me appologize for getting the quotes above messed up as to who said 
them, I had already saved and deleted the original messages and had to 
reconstruct them manually.

My final comment is that I witnessed the decline of quality in several 
scientific newsgroups over the last few years.  INTERNET has really drawn 
out the nuts.  If the true goal is to expand the hobby of satellite 
observation I cast my vote more for the word-of-mouth technique the way 
Walter and Jay are doing by making discreet replies to folks who post to 
the existing newsgroups.  When I do that, I do so via private e-mail.  
I've told several people about SeeSat and the web page that way.

Again, just my 2 cents.	

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