Fri, 15 Mar 96 14:59:18

 Hi all - I just subscribed to the SeeSat-L list, and wish I had
done so a week ago.  Maybe I would have seen the TSS!  The
subscription confirmation requested a short intro, so here goes:
I live in the mountains west of Denver, Colorado, USA, at
Longitude -105d 23' 28", Latitude +39d 52' 36", elevation 2728 m. 
I've been watching satellites for 35 years, my first being
Sputnik IV, and having acquired Quicksat last year (great
program, Mike!) now search for fainter and higher satellites,
like LAGEOS and Vanguard.  Optical equipment includes 7x50 and
20x120 binoculars and a 32-cm f/4 reflector.  I also use an 8-cm
f/10 reflector for the specific purpose of resolving Mir and Mir-
Atlantis on favorable passes.  Another satellite of interest to
me is the Moon, and I noticed that Rob McNaught (Hi Rob!)
mentioned recently about using reversed binoculars to measure the
moon's brightness during lunar eclipses.  April's total lunar
eclipse will not be visible here, so I encourage and am very
interested in magnitude measurements of the eclipse by European
observers (this is for deriving the optical thickness of volcanic
dust in the earth's stratosphere).  Well, the listserver asked
for a "short" introduction, so bye!  Cheers, Rich Keen