Re: USENET newsgroup issue

Bart De Pontieu (BDP@MPEPL)
Sat, 16 Mar 1996 14:08:14 +0100 (CET)

For those of you wondering what Bill is talking about, his message about
a possible Usenet newsgroup devoted to satellite observing was intended
to go on UseSat-L, a new temporary mailing list devoted to discussions
about the above.
Please don't follow-up to Bill's message on SeeSat-L, but follow-up on
You can subscribe to UseSat-L by sending a message with subject 'subscribe'

On another topic, thanks Rainer for decoding the 'base64' encoded message
which appeared yesterday. Rainer correctly states that we do not want any
kind of encoded/binary message on SeeSat-L. Several people have told me
that with their e-mail software it's sometimes hard to know whether what
you send is encoded or not, esp. if one sends attachments. So, please be
careful when you send something to SeeSat-L, it gets forwarded to more than
280 subscribers, not all of whom are thrilled to receive messages that are
to them undecodable.

   Bart De Pontieu <>