Howdy all

Walter Ridgewell (
Sun, 17 Mar 1996 18:44:57 -0700

   Greetings all,  as a new subscriber I'm here to put my 2 cents worth =
in. I have always had an interest in space and space related matters, =
growing up during the exciting Apollo era. My interest in observing =
satellites fits in well with my other hobbies of Astronomy, Amatuer =
Radio (I do satellite contacts and try every SAREX mission I can, oh the =
joy of 'seeing' what your hearing!), Satellite monitoring (Wefax, TVRO, =

   Growing up in Alberta, with large amounts of open space, one can't =
help but look up scan the sky (when its warm enough to go out to do that =
:-), waiting for Aurora, satellites, meteors ect.
In my other life (the one that earns the green stuff) I'm the systems =
and networks adminstrator at the local community college, thus adding =
the other fun factor in my life ... computers. I'm looking forward to =
being on the list, with others who share the enjoyment of watching those =
stars' that just don't stay put :-)



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