RE: South Korean satellite?

jeff hunt (
Mon, 18 Mar 96 20:14:21 EST

Unless S. Korea launched a satellite today (from where and with what?) I 
think the reference is to geosynchronous KoreaSat 2, (23768) launched by a 
Delta 2 on 1/14/96.  It will eventually replace the now 'low on fuel' 
KoreaSat 1 launched on 8/5/95 on a Delta 2.  As you probably recall, it 
didn't reach the planned parking orbit due to a booster not detaching 
properly.  They finally got it in to a geostationary orbit using on board 
positioning fuel.  Both are postioned over New Guinea, approximately 140E.

OIG's d(A)ta file is up to element 23826, as compared to the 30 day file, 
which is up to 23820.  The additional items are previously launched material, 
mainly from Mir.

That's my best guess.
Jeff Hunt, Charlotte Hall, Md.  38.51N, 76.76W