RE: South Korean satellite?

Jean-Philippe Donnio - TBS-satellite (
Tue, 19 Mar 1996 12:41:55 +0100


At 20:14 18.03.96 EST, jeff hunt <> wrote:
>Unless S. Korea launched a satellite today (from where and with what?) I 
>think the reference is to geosynchronous KoreaSat 2, (23768) launched by a 
>Delta 2 on 1/14/96.  It will eventually replace the now 'low on fuel' 
>KoreaSat 1 launched on 8/5/95 on a Delta 2.  As you probably recall, it 

I agree with this: they were probably talking about Koreasat 2. This GEO
bird was to be colocated with its twin Koreasat 1 at 116 deg East but for
some reason it is now at 113 deg East (after a while at 116 deg East)

Now I guess the "multipurpose" they are talking about is for the direct TV
and telecommunication  beams of the bird.

Jean-Philippe Donnio
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