Re: TSS decay info

jeff hunt (
Wed, 20 Mar 96 20:24:35 EST

Kim Allen writes,
>Re the shuttle launch. I'm just entering the world of satellite tracking and
>have downloaded spysat & apparently need to find somewhere to find
>downloadable elsets to load into spysat. I see where lots of you "post"
>elsets here, but how do I translate those into a file that I can load into
>spysat or where on the web can I find elsets that I can use?
>Thanks very much-

Do you mean SatSpy?  If you do, here's how:

You can download updated daily elements from a lot of places.  See

Most of the files will work directly on Satspy, but if there is embedded text 
you will have edit it out manually or use a small utility like Inputle which 
will automatcially edit out text and put the files in the proper format.  You 
can it find on
It's called in the appropriate subdirectory (which I don't recall 
right now).

You can name the TLE file(s) that you use 
*.els   or *.txt   (* is any 8 letter name you assign).  Satspy is set up to 
use the suffix .els but it will read any suffix name you want as long as you 
tell it what suffix to look for.

You can down load 'visible' element files from the producer of Satspy at:
They are updated weekly but are about 3 days old by the time you get them.
There are about a 1000 visible sats listed.  Some are less visible than 

Of course to follow the Shuttle/Mir mission you want the most recent elements 
for the Shuttle and Mir (16609).  The Shuttle will be changing its orbit to 
catch up with Mir.  Mir's orbit will remain relatively the same through out 
the mission.

You can subscribe to get the Shuttle elements by e-mail and get several 
updates a day.  For details, see

There is another e-mail TLE provider listed on
His first name is Gary.  Sorry, I forgot his last name.
These updates will have embedded text in them so you have to edit it out to 
allow Satspy to use the info.
There's a lot of good documentation in SatSpy.

Hope this helps; shout for additional help at
Jeff Hunt, Charlotte Hall, Md.  38.51N, 76.76W