More on TSS/FSW re-entries.

Neil Clifford (
Thu, 21 Mar 1996 16:16:04 +0000 (GMT)

I have the following from Maj. Steve Boylan, USSPACECOM:

  The Chinese  Satellite to the best of our knowledge reentered the
  Earth's atmosphere over  the Mid South Atlantic at 0405 GMT 12 March 96,
  and if it survived reentry  (we don't know if it did) it should have
  gone into the South Atlantic Ocean.  We had reports from Brazil TV that
  they had several reports of a sighting  of a fireball over the ocean at
  the time we predicted the reentry.  Thats  all the confirmation that we

  On the Tethered Satellite.  It was predicted to reenter the Earth's 
  atmosphere at 5:55 pm [EST I guess: Neil] on March 19th.  Our prediction
  was that it entered over the mid Atlantic Ocean.  We did not expect this
  satellite to survive  reentry since it was designed to return in the
  shuttle.  We have had no  reports of sightings on this reentry.


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