Re: seesat-d Digest V96 #69

William B. Blair (
Fri, 22 Mar 1996 11:16:20 -0700

>> have downloaded spysat & apparently need to find somewhere to find
>> downloadable elsets to load into spysat. I see where lots of you "post"
>> elsets here, but how do I translate those into a file that I can load into
>> spysat or where on the web can I find elsets that I can use?
>I'm not familiar with spysat.  Why not get the best program, QUICKSAT, 
>which uses elsets without having to translate them.
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You really should give SatSpy a try.  It is the best program for visual
tracking of satellites that I've found (and I've found quite a few).
Download the fully functional (not crippled in any way) shareware
version at the SatSpy home page at:

There are also elsets to be had there and other things.

Note that I have no connection with this program other than as an 
enthusiastic user.