Bart De Pontieu (BDP@MPEPL)
Mon, 25 Mar 1996 20:01:00 +0100 (CET)

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*                      IMPORTANT MESSAGE                              *
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A majority of SeeSat participants on the Usesat-L discussion list has 
concurred that the following proposal be put to a vote of the full
SeeSat membership.  A number of different options and alternatives
were given extensive thought and consideration.  The following 
configuration emerged as the consensus choice. We would like you to vote
whether you agree with our proposal or not. We want to know whether the
SeeSat-L subscribers back us up on this, before we go on and put this
to Usenet. 
To be clear: this is not a vote whether a newsgroup is created, but a vote 
to see whether 'we' (see below) should go on with our proposal. 
We intend to publish the list of voters and how they voted. 
The vote is 'open' (and not secret) because this preliminary proposal
most probably needs some finetuning, and we want to hear from you what
you'd like to change, in case you voted 'no'. 

Please do not follow-up on this message on SeeSat-L, since this topic
is 'off-topic' for SeeSat-L. We invite everyone who wants to comment on
it (aside from voting) to join us on UseSat-L. See my next message for
details on how to subscribe. The next message will also contain the 
advantages and desadvantages of our proposal as we have discussed them
on UseSat-L. 

Please read the instructions in what follows carefully, before you vote.
Please also read the accompanying message on SeeSat-L before voting.

For all of us at UseSat-L,
   Bart De Pontieu <>

PROPOSED: 'We' begin the process of creating a new Usenet newsgroup
with the name  SeeSat and the 
new newsgroup will be administered in the following manner:

SeeSat-L will continue as-is, unchanged.

The Usenet newsgroup will be moderated.  Bart De Pontieu, Jay Respler,
Jeff Hunt, Neil Clifford and Jim Varney have volunteered to act as
moderators.  Messages intended for posting on the Usenet group will
be reviewed by one of the moderators to ensure the message is relevant
to satellites.  Moderation will serve to filter out unwanted "trash"
messages that occur too frequently on Usenet.

All messages posted to SeeSat-L will be mirrored to the Usenet newsgroup 
after review by one of the moderators.  A "SeeSat-L:" substring will be 
added to the Usenet subject line so SeeSat members will know which messages 
are mirrored or not, and can avoid reading the same message twice.  If
you see a message header on Usenet that does not have the "SeeSat-L:"
substring, that means that a moderator has accepted a message from
the general Usenet population and has posted it to the newsgroup.

Usenet messages will not be mirrored to SeeSat-L.  A few quality Usenet
posts may occasionally be mirrored to SeeSat-L if they are of exceptional 

A new mailing list, SeeSat-Private (SeeSat-P), will be created.
SeeSat-P messages go to all SeeSat-L members but are not mirrored on
Usenet.  This will give SeeSat-L members the option of sending a 
message to all SeeSat-L subscribers without having the message appear
automatically on Usenet. SeeSat-P can also be used for administrative
messages or introductions to the list, both of which are not meant for


All SeeSat members are encouraged to vote, whether or not you participated
in the Usesat discussions.


To vote YES:  send an e-mail message with the subject line "Usenet YES"
              to  Please leave the body of the
              message empty.
To vote NO:   send an e-mail message with the subject line "Usenet NO"
              to  Please leave the body of the
              message empty.
Jim Varney will tabulate the responses and will announce the results
shortly after the close of the voting period.

Votes will tabulated after the voting period closes.  A list of subscribers
and their votes will be made available after voting concludes.