Leo Barhorst (leobarhorst@pi.net)
Mon, 25 Mar 96 21:39:22 PST

Finally the weather improved a bit tonight and could I see the comet!
Although a bit of haze, high clouds and the moon, the comet was claerly
visible to the naked eye, magnitude 2, almost as bright as Beta Ursa Minor
that was a little bit to the left of it.
Looking a bit beside the comet it even became somewhat brighter.
I've seen no tail due to the circumstances mentioned above.
Hope the weather will get better sometime this week before the comet
disappears again.

Name: Leo Barhorst              Alkmaar (Neth)  52 deg 38 sec N
                                                                           4 deg  47 sec E
E-mail: leobarhorst@pi.net    also a member of Seesat-L