Re: TLE's for WOTS!

Don Horton (
Tue, 26 Mar 96 21:53 EST

At 07:12 PM 3/26/96 -0500, Josh R. Williams wrote:

>You maybe asking yourself what is WOTS?!? Well it is my acronym for Way 
>Out There Satellites :) I was just thinking wouldn't it be cool to have 
>TLEs for way out there objects such as the moon, or our friend the comet? 
>You may now start the "Josh is an idiot" flames.. :)

        Maybe we'll get some "Don is an idiot" flames started as well  ;-(

        I downloaded a prograqm from RPV Astronomy BBS a while back that
creates monthly files of Keps for the Moon.
I send these out monthly to a small list of friends who are into tracking to
add background to their screens.  Since the
program was written by a fellow ham operator, I suspect its intended purpose
is for moonbounce communications.
        Now, for the kicker:  when the local repeater crowd was anticipating
the appearance of Hyakutake, someone asked me if I had keps for it.  Thing
is, I had checked out the ephemeris on the Web and decided I didn't have
enough math to convert it to something useable.  (Flame away -- I probably
deserve it!)

        Happy bird hunting...