Re: TLE's for WOTS!

Don Horton (
Tue, 26 Mar 96 23:32 EST

At 09:51 PM 3/26/96 -0600, Mike McCants wrote:
>>enough math to convert it to something useable.  (Flame away -- I probably
>There's a good reason why you don't have enough math - since satellite
>orbits are Earth-centered ellipses and the comet is in a very hyperbolic
>orbit considered from the Earth's point of view, there is no way
>to generate a TLE that would be an approximation for more than 20 or
>30 degrees of its path.
        Good point, Mike.  Since Keps for the sun are created by assuming a
solar system where the sun orbits the earth (roll over, Galileo and
Copernicus), we might be able to imagine a highly elliptical earth-centered
orbit for a comet.  Please don't ask me to calculate it, though; I was an
English major.  (That's why I hang out here.  I'm getting a good course in
all the stuff they didn't teach me in school.)

        Thanks for your thoughts, Mike.