Re: Launches - directional

Neil Clifford (
Wed, 27 Mar 1996 17:19:58 +0000 (GMT) scribbles:

|>  To avoid launching over populated areas, the minimum launch azimuth 
|>  from Cape Kennedy is 35 deg and the maximum is 120 deg.  The resulting 
|>  orbit inclinations (approximate) are 57 deg and 39 deg, respectively.  
|>  Note that the minimum orbital inclination is equal to the latitude of 
|>  the launch site.

Unless as with some Titan launches and (I think it was) STS-27/Lacrosse1
you fly a dogleg at the expense of some propellant ie head eastwards
initially before rolling to select the azimuth for the inclination you
require (eg the shuttle can reach 62 odd degrees inclination this way as
was the case here since your max azimuth angle is now larger, the
nearest coastline being further to the west).

I also recall that in the early/mid 80's there was at least one shuttle
flight targeted for a ~16 deg. inclination orbit (maybe I'm wrong
here?). I guess that this is an eastwards launch with an inclination
changing burn at the next ascending/descending node?? Perhaps there are
more efficient ways...


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