Re: Mystery streak

Rob Matson (
27 Mar 1996 16:59:16 -0700

If what these guys saw was the same thing, you'd have to rule out an
atmospheric phenomenon -- Huntsville's a long way from Massachusetts!  Perhaps
the two New England observers saw one thing, and the Huntsville observer

Nevertheless, to satisfy my curiosity I did a search of Alan Thompson's latest
list of 4000+ sats to see if anything might have re-entered at about the right
time, as seen from Huntsville.  Didn't come up with anything good.  One remote
possibility, that others might want to play with: NORAD #23583.  The elements
are a couple weeks old for this guy, and the only name I have for it is
1995-020C.  But it DID make a pass in the right part of the sky and parallel
to the horizon moving left to right under the bowl of the Big Dipper.  The
10-day old elements (at the time of the pass) gave a time of around 1:35am,
but if you increase the drag you can back that time up to 1:05am with no
problem.  Of course, it would help to know what this object is (was?).