Re: Mystery streak

Rob Matson (
27 Mar 1996 17:22:48 -0700

I've come up with some other possibilities for the mystery streak:  Progress
M26 debris.  The NORAD #'s are 23482, 23485 and 23486 for Progress M26 Deb F,
J and K respectively.  All three came out of earth's shadow in the north under
the bowl of the Dipper; 2 of the 3 followed pretty much the same trajectory,
and were at exactly the right location within a minute of 1:05.  Anyone know
the nature of this Progress debris?  It looks like a good candidate if it's
something that's leaking.

I apologize for my earlier guess -- I misremembered the orientation of the
"streak" as being parallel to the horizon instead of perpendicular.