Re[2]: Mystery streak
Wed, 27 Mar 96 18:05:06 PST

I was surprised at the posting of this mystery streak.  I live in San 
Diego, California and was out looking at the comet from in front of my 
house on Sunday March 24 between 10 and 11 pm.  I also saw what others 
have named the mystery streak.

To me it initially appeared as 3 separate rather translucent glowing 
objects traveling parallel to one another in a northerly direction.  
They were brighter than the comet.  The path was as others have 
described as between directly over head and the Big Dipper.  They 
appeared to leave somewhat of a trail.  I did not get the impression 
that these were satellites.  These were extended objects not point 
sources. The 3 blobs were initially flying in formation in a 
triangular pattern that broke down as the objects got further north.  
After a few moments the objects seemed to move around relative to one 
another as they moved northward then moved closer to one another and 
eventually fused into what appeared to be a single object.  The 
object/objects faded out of sight after they passed Polaris.

I have never seen anything like this before, but I would like to see 
it again.

Bill Lamph