McCants' QUICKSAT.MAG file

Rob Matson (
28 Mar 1996 13:25:44 -0700

                      Subject:                              Time:  12:59
  OFFICE MEMO         McCants' QUICKSAT.MAG file            Date:  96/03/28

Does anyone know how the magnitudes in Mike McCants' QUICKSAT.MAG are defined?
 After a short glance at the file, they don't appear to be standard magnitudes
-- the values are too bright for that.  (By standard magnitude, I mean the
visual magnitude at 1000km range, 90-deg phase angle a la Ted Molczan). 
QUICKSAT must use this file to generate its magnitude estimates, and I was
just curious how he derived the values.  Perhaps the values are for a
different range (500 km?), or they're "typical" peak magnitudes that Mike
himself has observed.  I don't have the QUICKSAT program (and documentation),
but I know many people out there do, so this seemed like a good place to post
the question.  --Rob