Re: Tether picture in AW&ST

Bart De Pontieu (BDP@MPEPL)
Fri, 29 Mar 1996 13:41:51 +0100 (CET)

Tristan Cools writes:

>>For those of you have access to AW&ST, page 17 of the March 25 issue of AW&ST 
>>has a very nice picture Paul took of the tether (TSS-1R). Paul will show the
>>video of his observations at Eurosom 2, in October (check out
>> for an overview of Paul's 
>>distinguished satellite career!).
>>And for more observations of TSS-1R, point your Web-browser to:
>Is this mirrored at Neil's Web site ?  I have very difficult access to your
>Web site.

It's not clear which of the two pages you're referring to. In any case, Neil
and I maintain a set of pages (Visual Satellite Observer's Home Page) that
can be found both in Oxford and in Garching. The two sites are almost
identical. A core set of pages is mirrored from one to the other.
There are some differences though.

The differences between the two sites are:

1. The Oxford-site runs predictions for South-Africa, UK, Australia, etc...
The Garching-site runs predictions for Europe.

2. The Garching site is the only one with the BWGS-pages (for technical 

However, if you browse either one of the two sites, this will not make a
difference to you, you won't miss anything if you stick to just one site,
since Garching and Oxford contains links to the missing parts (that the
other *does* have).

But, to answer your question:

1. The TSS-1R page is at both sites.
2. The Eurosom-page is in Garching only, the Eurosom-registration form being
in Oxford.

And if you think this is complicated, then you're right. :-)
But there are technical reasons for it. 

>Or can we get it from the archive uuencoded ?

No, we do not have the intention of putting our web-pages in either the
e-mail archive (in Garching) or the ftp-archive (in Oxford). Is there a
need for this?

   Bart De Pontieu <>