Welcome, and STS visits Mir

Walter Nissen (dk058@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Fri, 29 Mar 1996 09:20:59 -0500

> From: murph@erinet.com (Michael P. Murphy) 
> Subject: New Subscriber 
> My name is Michael Murphy, and I live in Springfield, Ohio...USA 
If you'd like to receive my occasional alerts for major events, computed 
for Cleveland, just let me know. 
> Thanks for reading my laundry list, sorry it is a bit long! 
I didn't think it was a bit long.  It is an impressive list, but I would 
like to see more such lists posted here.  You set an excellent example. 
And we're not trying very hard to hide.  Please pass the word along. 
> From: 76266.2530@compuserve.com (Clement Drolet) 
> Subject: Mir or Atlantis? 
> Am I correct in assuming that STS 76 was the leading one? 
With the assistance of Geoff Chester and others, I covered this in Flash 
some time ago.  An STS isn't going to head up to go home, so it will 
always lead on the way home; and conversely, trail on the way up. 
Subject, of course, to any actual operational difference, which we haven't 
seen yet. 
> BTW they passed over a bright elongated fuzzy star ;-)...an impressive 
Wilma Smith, Channel 8 news anchor in Cleveland, described the comet as a 
star with its own personal cloud.