RE: Mir, Atlantis

Walter Ridgewell (
Sat, 30 Mar 1996 10:22:13 -0700

By the display on the NASA satellite channel (the computer one that =
shows orbiter posittion and attitude), it was  on its side, with the =
wings towards the earth. As opposed to the cargo bay pointing that =
direction. The payload bay doors are closed and secured at this time , =
and during the last pass, which I missed due to a good movie :-( .


From: 	Tristan Cools[]
Sent: 	March 30, 1996 2:53 AM
Subject: 	Mir, Atlantis

I had a last chance to observe Mir and Atlantis(and Hyakutake...) this
(early) morning.  At 0318UT the first and most brilliant object(which I
presume was Atlantis) was preceding what was probably Mir with a =
distance of
about 32 degrees.   I was very much surprised by the brightness of =
which reached magnitude -3.  Does anyone know in which mode they were =
?  Were they flying with the payload doors open or closed ?
The second object(Mir ?) had a brightness of magnitude -1.

Tristan Cools