Going away...

Josh R. Williams (jrwsat@gatecoms.gatecom.com)
Sun, 31 Mar 1996 17:40:55 -0500 (EST)

Once again I apologize for being off-topic.. Whoa, I have set a record 
twice in a day.. :) I thought this would be the most efficent way to 
broadcast this to anyone who cares.. A notice for anyone planning on 
E-Mailing me since I have noticed that my E-Mail intake has risen in the 
last few weeks...

THIS IS IMPORTANT! I will be going on vacation for approximatly 2 weeks
starting this Thursday the 4th of April until the 12th.. Unfortunatly the
updating of the page will also be affected by two things.. I will be on
vacation and that the computer system is going to be overhauled until
early May.. On a better note, there will be no Space Shuttle missions
during the month of April so not a whole lot will need to be updated on
the Home Page.. So in short service to the Home Page will be sporadic in
the upcoming month but the Page will still be accessible! If you have any
questions please E-Mail me as soon as possible because my mailing will be
held until the 12th and then again for the rest of the month.. I
apologize for any and all inconvience..

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