Re: Newsgroup sighted

Jim Varney (
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 15:41:27 -0800

Walter Nissen wrote:

>Hopefully, people will be able to restrain themselves from posting replies
>to spam, kooks, etc.  It's not ok to further spoil the group with more
>off-topic posts.

I agree.  The best thing to do when there is an abusive person is to
just ignore them.  I will have no mental anguish over bad articles in the
newsgroup because I accept Usenet on its own terms: bad posts are
inevitable; you can't control them; there are usually missing posts; and
no one owns the forum.

If anyone reading this hasn't posted to Usenet before, be forewarned that
your e-mail address will be picked up by spammers and you will receive
unwanted e-mail advertisements of all sorts.  To avoid this, the usual
practice on Usenet is to insert 'NOSPAM' or 'REMOVETHIS' is the 'From' field
and signature.  In other words, instead of use or or any other 'spam block
phrase' that you like.
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