Re: Almost time for flaring GEOSATS

Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 04:07:55 PST

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    Dear Seesaters,
    First, one has to be aware that only the so called three-axis stabilized
    geostationary satellites are relevant here. An arbitrary example:
    The attitude rules for these satellites are the following:
    - the antennae have to point to the earth (for obvious reasons)
    - the rotation axis of the solar panels as defined by the bearings on the
      satellite body has to be parallel to the earth's rotation axis
    - the  plane normal of the panels points to the celestial equator
      at the sun's longitude
    The last rule makes sure that the plane normal of the panels
    is always within about 23 degrees of the sun.
    (BTW: I have never seen ANY public relations image showing a sat in
    the correct attitude!!)
    Therefor, you see flares on the NORTHER hemisphere when the sun
    is south of the equator and vice versa!
    Your list "without tracking" should be correct!
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