Non Obs Envisat Objects

From: Jari (
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 00:28:11 EST

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    With favourable passes of Envisat Ariane 5 r and Envisat thru the handle of
    Ursa Major using elsets only 10 hrs old, i had hoped to see them again since
    i had good reference stars. However the sky was less than clear although
    with my 10x50s i could see several faint stars as the haze cleared at times
    but neither of the objects were observed. Envisat  Ariane 5 r 27387 02009B
    was to pass between Alkaid and Mizar at 04:47:30 4 Mar UTC and Envisat 27386
    02009A between Mizar and Alioth at 04:57:10. That pass was less ideal than
    the first one and i scanned both sides of the handle but no joy. I have a
    second pass later on, so i will look for them again, hopefully the sky will
    clear up.
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