Opportunities to observe Shuttle while it is in shadow

From: Ted Molczan (molczan@rogers.com)
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 12:51:50 EST

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    During the present shuttle mission, Southern U.S.A. observers will have
    numerous opportunities to observe the shuttle while it is in Earth's
    On each of the EVA days, most observers will have a couple of pre-dawn
    passes, taking place either fully or partially in Earth's shadow. The
    shuttle may be visible even when in shadow, due to the illumination
    provided by its cargo bay flood-lights, which will be operating in
    support of the EVAs.
    This phenomenon has been reported on SeeSat-L in the past. The brightest
    reported self-illuminated shuttle observation that I recall was
    magnitude 6, so this is project requiring binoculars.
    Happy hunting!
    Ted Molczan
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