STS-109 observation from up north !

From: Daniel Deak (
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 05:44:00 EST

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    Hello all,
    My girlfriend Lucille and I just made an observation we thaught was almost
    impossible, that of Hubble and Columbia from as far north as 46 deg. latitude.
    All conditions were favorable this morning except for the Moon that was right
    over the spot where I was waiting for the Shuttle with my 20x80 binocs.
    Lucille spotted it first with her 8x40 at around 04:49:30 EST (09:49 UT) a
    little while after shadow exit. I then picked it up in my 20x80 and followed it
    for about four minutes. Maximum elevation was at 7.5 degrees and magnitude
    estimated at +3. It was hardly visible to the naked eye because of the
    interfering Moon. I lost it at 1.5 degree above horizon because it became too
    It was the first use of our new balcony at the second floor of our home with an
    unobstructed view of the southern horizon. We made a balcony on both sides of
    the house on the second floor with no roof over them so we could be well placed
    to make satellite observations. It paid off this morning !
    I wonder what was the northernmost latitude from which Hubble was observed.
    We're going back to bed :-)
    Daniel Deak
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