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From: Antonín Vítek (
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 10:08:51 EST

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    Jonathan T Wojack wrote:e
    > average height) ?  I guess either they wanted to keep the ISS out of the
    > upper atmosphere just to play it safe, or just to use up some of the
    > Progress's fuel (since it is going to be destroyed shortly anyway).
    This is not exactly the case. The fuel tanks of Progress are almost empty at
    the moment and the necessary fuel was transferred back from the storage tanks
    in Zarya module. The Russians quoted the (planned) velocity increase as 3.0
    m/s (10 fps), but it is not clear to me, whether this is total change of two
    parts of correction summed, or 2 x 3,0 m/s (probably TOTAL impulse is meant).
    This correction (albeit used for increasing the mean height too) was rendered
    as test maneuver only.
    Another  two-impulse correction is planned on 2002-03-13 with (total?)
    velocity increase of 6.7 m/s and similar scenario (ie. fuel + oxidizer
    transfer from Zarya module).
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