Re: Sunangle and skymap

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Sun Mar 10 2002 - 13:01:11 EST

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    The clerke belt, or clark belt is the area of space above the earth's 
    equator where the geo sats are placed. At a certain distance above the 
    earth's equator, the speed of the geo sats are close to the speed of the 
    earth equator. So that means the geo sats appear to stay above a certain 
    area on the equator. On the equator if you go to the longitude of where the 
    geo sat is placed it would appear overhead. The longitude of where the geo 
    sat would be overhead is know as the orbital slot. For example if the geo 
    sat has an orbital slot of 75 degrees west, that means on the earth equator 
    if you where at 75 degres west, then the sat would be overhead . But as  
    seen from other places on earth they apprear in a different part of the sky.
    For you the appear near -3 deg 38 min in declination, and aren't directly 
    overhead. But they are higher in the sky for you then for me, as I am futher 
    north in latitude.
    Enjoy the geo sat flares.
    From: "Ulhas Deshpande" <>
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    Subject: Re: Sunangle and skymap
    Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002 13:38:00 +0530
    Right Bjoern
    As I see it I need to concentrate on the area around the anti sun point. So
    look east in the evening and west in the morning. But whatis the 'Clerke
    Belt" and how do I find the dec for 21 N?
    Ulhas Deshpande
    Nagpur, Central India
    21 08 30 N,79 03 08 E Alt 247 m
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