Re: 88-080B tumble/flash obs; John Locker's photo

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Date: Mon Mar 11 2002 - 02:44:36 EST

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    Subject: 88-080B tumble/flash obs; John Locker's photo
    > Regarding John Locker's peculiar track, the URL of the page with the photo
    > I don't have anything but a guess that maybe it might be a drifting
    balloon.  I think I see a few dots that could
    > pass for stationary satellites, but maybe they are just
    > spots.
    I am assuming that we are talking about the squiggly line seen also in the
    green inset in the image that comes up at the URL listed above.
    When I look at that image, I see what I interpret as a piece of dust on a
    negative at the time that it was printed. That would account for its light
    color in the positive image---the image showing what looks like a light
    polluted sky. There were also some pieces of dust on the film at the time
    the original image was made. They appear dark.
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