Re: 88-080B tumble/flash obs; John Locker's photo

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Date: Mon Mar 11 2002 - 02:50:04 EST

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    Hi Bjorn and everyone elso who has commented on this photo,
    Firstly , thanks for your input......and I'm pleased on-one is simply
    dispelling this as a scratch or hair on the image.
    I was set up quite nicely on the arc as earlier in the day I had been
    imaging the sun , which during the spring outage period tracks the Clarke fact I also managed to image Venus in daylight.
    I will mark on the picture where I think the clarke belt lies , and post
    that later.
    The track of the object is so erratic , I really am at a loss as to decide
    what it is.
    The aircraft track , seems to be high altitude...about 30 ,000 ft .I am
    below a junction of the main airways over the NW UK.
    I have managed images of geosats in the past using this technique , however
    on this particular evening , there seemed to be a very high thin haze
    The good news is that I have tied this down to around 1940 ish
    GMT.,................The bad news...I got the date wrong, only when checking
    the date stamp on Jupiter and M42 did I realise it was March 1st...sorry !
    Thanks again ,
    Best wishes ,
    ****New image now posted.
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    Subject: Re: 88-080B tumble/flash obs; John Locker's photo
    > > Regarding John Locker's peculiar track, the URL of the
    > > page with the photo is:
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > > I don't have anything but a guess that maybe it might be
    > > a drifting balloon.  I think I see a few dots that could
    > > pass for stationary satellites, but maybe they are just
    > > spots.
    > >
    > If they were really geostationary - not very bright for a very short time
    > while moving at an inclination - they should all have nearly the same
    > declination.
    > This is not the case here. One above Sirius and beta CMa is around -12
    > which is not the "Clarke belt" (named after Arthur C Clarke)
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