sat 26474 & shooting star

From: George Amos (
Date: Mon Mar 11 2002 - 14:15:42 EST

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    hoped to see the titan 4b r/b (26474) tonight (11/3/02) sometime 
    between 19:02 & 19:06 from NW UK. No sign of the rocket body 
    (according to my sat prediction prog this should be very bright indeed). 
    But did see a very bright and fast shooting star high in the north west 
    quadrant of the sky approx 19:04-very bright (mag -2 approx) and 
    orangey in colour, just after twilight-anybody else see it-travelling east to 
    west approx.
    station 2453
    53 deg 23 min 49secs N
    2 deg 4 min 57 secs W
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