Watch for double Iridium flare

From: Steve Newcomb (
Date: Tue Mar 12 2002 - 22:08:45 EST

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    On 3/18/02 Iridium 28 and Iridium 90 are both predicted to flare to -8
    magnitude 2 degree apart within 14 seconds of each other  at my location.
    Maybe elements closer to event will give simultaneous flares.  I hope the
    skies are clear.
    On 3/5/02 I saw #31 and #94 flare at same time to a 1 magnitude 3 degrees
    apart. Watch for your opportunity, I can't be the only one to be having 2
    flaring at the same time.
    Lat 39.4697  Lon-79.3393  Alt 2573 ft.
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